Getting Started

What is Cloud Combo?

Cloud Combo is a multi cloud storage manager.

Who is Cloud Combo for?

Cloud Combo is for any person who uses more than one cloud storage provider. Why keep 5 different apps in your phone, when you can only keep one?

What features does Cloud Combo have?

Right now, you can connect Google Drive, Dropbox and pCloud accounts. The amount depends on your plan. You can browse through your drives, files and folders, transfer as much files as you wish from one drive to another, download files from your clouds to mobile, upload from mobile to cloud, delete files from your clouds, or share any file from the cloud to another app in your phone.

Pricing Plans

How much does Cloud Combo cost?

Please refer to our pricing page.

Can I cancel my plan at any time?

Yes, you will be able to cancel your paid monthly plan anytime and you will no be billed starting from the next month.


Do you keep our files in your servers?

No. We don't touch your files at any point in time. We only serve as a channel of communication between you and your connected drives.

How safe is Cloud Combo?

Since we do not host your files, using Cloud Combo is as safe as using whatever cloud storage provider you have been using until now.

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